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IT Helpdesk Simplified!
For IT Professionals and MSP's

IT Help Desk Dashboard
Super easy-to-use web based
IT Helpdesk + Knowledgebase

Deliver all-star IT support.

No credit card required.

IT Help Desk Benefits   Benefits

IT Help Desk Checkmark  Robust Cloud-based Helpdesk. Headache free.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Affordable Month-to-Month Service. Nice.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Simple setup. Up and running in minutes. Sweet.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Completely FREE Lite Version. Cool.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Ideal for both IT departments and MSPs. Snap.

IT Help Desk Features   Features

IT Help Desk Checkmark  Efficiently manage all Helpdesk requests.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Detailed ticket change history.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Agent performance ratings.
IT Help Desk Checkmark  Auto-suggested solutions from external resources.


Register for your Free Help Desk Software Account by Create your Account In Less Than 2 Minutes.

Free Help Desk Software Makes Ticket Monitoring Easy.

Having a system that tracks a trouble ticket all the way through the process is critical to ensuring the issue is fully resolved and that all parties, both the end user and all your applicable IT employees, have fully communicated with each other. With our Help Desk software, your IT support personnel will be able to quickly tell if an issue has been fully addressed or if someone has dropped the ball. can play a critical role helping to ensure that your organization has an effective IT support program.

How Can JumpPuppy's Free Help Desk Software Improve our IT support?

Most organizations utilize some form of help desk software to handle customer service interactions, but quite often, fewer organizations implement the same efficiencies between their employees and IT staff. JumpPuppy's free help desk service can greatly improve the delivery of IT support service to your own employees, making them happier and more productive folks. The free help desk software offered by JumpPuppy can help you monitor employee IT issues and respond efficiently ultimately leading to faster resolution and greater employee satisfaction.

Sign up for our free help desk software today and drive the benefits:

- 100% hosted solution so no painful, time consuming or expensive administration
- An easy to use interface to manage all of your help desk workflow
- Customize to your own Branding
- Monitor the effectiveness of your IT support program with reports and graphs